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Control unit with 8 inputs expandable to 64 with integrated PSTN telephone dialer.

  • Multilingual menu: Italian, English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Suomi, Polish, Slovenian
  • 8 programmable inputs + 1 24h input; expandable up to 64 (wired/wireless)
  • 6 programmable outputs (2 relays + 4 OC) expandable up to 27
  • Division of the system up to 8 sectors
  • Management of 32 user codes (4 to 6 digits) and 32 keys (DK30 electronic or DK50 proximity)
  • History of 1000 events
  • Weekly timer, 8 daily commands
  • 1 field bus for connection of: max. 8 keypads with display, max. 7 expansions, max. 16 key readers
  • Direct connection for service keyboard
  • Telephone transmission to 12 telephone numbers, via digital protocols and/or modem
  • Voice synthesis interface: factory pre-recorded messages for each system input/sector/event, audio BUS for voice and ambient listening functions via keypad (KP500DV/N)
  • DTMF commands to manage the system remotely
  • GMS interface with antenna that can be housed inside the control unit
  • Ethernet interface for connecting the control unit to a LAN network or an ADSL modem (12 static IP addresses)
  • Web interface and user application software for video management (up to 8 IP cameras) and anti-intrusion from remote mobile devices (PC, tablet, smartphone)
  • Wireless interface for hybrid system management
  • USB interface for connection to a local programming PC
  • USB key interface (standard) for backing up and restoring system settings
  • KNX interface for interaction with the Konnex® Home Automation system
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